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Technical translation

We strive to satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers by providing them high quality technical translation across any range of documents. Despite the fact that translation from and into English is a key service of our agency, also provides translation services from and into various languages including major European languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian and many major and minor non-European languages such as Arabic or Korean. Our services cover translation of the following types of documents:

●  Instructions and technical descriptions
●  Technical standards
●  Reference materials
●  Operating manuals
●  Scientific and technical literature
●  Drawing legends and captions
●  Technical and technology presentations
●  Other technical documentation and texts

As all our technical translators and editors have a technical background, technical translations from our agency are always done professionally. Our translators have advanced linguistic and technical training with an excellent knowledge of specialised terminology in their native and source languages. This enables us to give our customers high quality translations in any field or subject. We have delivered thousands of technical projects to our customers owing to the expertise of our translators. They are particularly attentive to source document meaning and are careful to render that meaning in every phrase of their work with no “translationese”. For this reason, technical translations from our practitioners are always accurate and precise.

Technical documentation for complex equipment or technology systems is often quite sizeable and may even contain hundreds of pages. And customer lead times for this type of work may be very short. To manage large-volume, time-sensitive documentation, a team of translators comes together on a project to ensure deadlines are met. To limit stylistic and terminological discrepancies, always calls on an editor using special CAT (computer-aided translation) software to create overall coherence and readability in the end work product. By creating a final, edited CAT file, the editor is ensuring overall textual consistency.

We look forward to you entrusting your technical jobs to us.

Technical translation
Technical translation
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