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Medical translation

Medical translation is one “highly specialised” translation field. Our translators are screened for proven experience in the field of medical translation. Many have either worked in the medical field or can demonstrate their experience on the basis of prior translation work. They have the requisite medical knowledge to provide accurate medical translations. We take this specialty very seriously and entrust only our most senior and reliable medical translators to do medical translations for our company.

Medicine and medical science are constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Trustworthy medical translators are either doctors or scientists themselves, have a background in medicine and/or physical sciences or can demonstrate, based on their prior experience, that they have the professional experience to competently deliver high-quality medical translations.

At we understand that many requirements in this specialty field are narrow purposed. We always make sure our translators are competent to translate in a particular field of medicine, medical science or technology. As the ethical component in medical translation is very significant, we take this opportunity to state unequivocally that all our medical translators are professionals in their field with proven expertise.

On the technical side, provides translations for the following medical texts:

●  Clinical research documentation on medications/drugs (research findings, reports, information booklets and informed consent forms, among others)
●  Documentation packages for new drug approval (registration dossiers)
●  Scientific articles, monographs, abstracts and reports, and trade press articles
●  Instructions and operating manuals for medical equipment
●  Medical records (inpatient and outpatient), medical charts
●  Medication/drugs instructions, consumer information sheets/brochures
●  And other specialised literature

On the marketing side, we provide translation services for pharmaceutical firms, insurance companies and private clinics. We have successfully introduced a number of complementary services (layout, print, localisation, translation and post-synching of videos) that meet the customised needs of our customers.

Medical translation
Medical translation
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