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Proofreading & editing

Trained translators with source language fluency and subject knowledge are the only ones who can produce excellent translations. This is the calibre of translator we entrust with translating anything from websites and scientific publications to press releases and annual reports, to name but a few. They are the ones who may be expected to understand the target audience.

Translation done by a native speaker of the target language makes it possible to render the meaning of texts with maximum accuracy in an appropriate style. The translation agency works with a tier of editors depending on the customer’s wishes and needs.

Proofreaders read translated texts against the originals, correcting any spelling, punctuation and writing errors.

Technical editors page layout to verify that existing graphics and newly translated text work properly together. This person also checks to see that information graphics are updated and solves issues that may occur during pagination. Coders and graphic designers are subordinate to a page editor.

Literary editors edit translations of books, articles and other texts. Their main task is to make sure that the text is consistent throughout with respect to style, language and terminology. In addition to smoothing out rough language, the literary editor is also a fact checker and, may, if required, edit out text or add explanations in footnotes. Literary editors act as style sheet supervisors for his/her colleagues, providing guidance on all style and usage issues as required for individual projects. We believe that as you read through our website, you will find that good style is something we do well.

What distinguishes our agency from large, online translation agencies is that we react quickly to the needs of our customers by tackling core translation issues. When a customer requests information on a translation project, we quickly provide an estimate as well as an overview of any potential technical issues that might arise. We do not just forge ahead without analyzing the job we are asked to perform. Our pricing structure also sets us apart from these companies: We ensure the highest possible quality at the most reasonable cost of translation.

We would be delighted to meet your text editing needs. Kindly fill in the request form or send us your request by e-mail.

Proofreading & editing
Proofreading & editing
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