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Software localisation

Localisation is the multi-pronged process of adapting software applications to requirements and conditions of regional markets and/or geographic areas. Translation is one kind of localisation. Changing certain program parameters such as meters to yards is another kind. It not only requires translation of the term but changing the program coding to read the metric measurement system. Software and text localisation developed as an industry at the same time as large-scale production for export. As many businesses began to computerize around the world, software engineers and developers had to deal with a variety of problems related to adapting software to geographic or regional requirement outside their native countries.

The translation agency offers the following software localisation services:
Localisation of software applications
Localisation of embedded and system software

The full software localisation service package offered by includes:

● Translating user interfaces, including images, voice messages and documentation
● Localising operating systems to run using region-specific measurement units and standards
● Localising a program’s source code (data format, time format, etc. for country- or region-specific requirements)
● Ensuring proper lexicographical line sorting according to target language rules
● Customizing printing for standard paper formats of a region
● Checking cultural relevance and appropriateness of symbols, graphics, colours, music
● Translating, assembling and testing help files (interactive reference systems)
● Adapting graphic files and texts to local customs and tastes
● Translating and pre-print processing of accompanying documentation and printed advertising media (labels, tags etc.)
● Linguistic and functional testing and debugging of finished and localised software versions
● Quality control of end product by independent experts

We perform localisation and globalisation of software applications running on most major operating systems and platforms: Windows, MacOS, UNIX/Linux, Sun Solaris and IBM OS/2. This is a complex process requiring a range of specialists: translators, editors, engineers, programmers, testing specialists and coders. And this, in turn, requires skilled project management from the provider company. has the requisite expertise to provide customers with reliable, high-quality solutions that meet their operational needs.

You may contact our software localisation department by e-mail at: or please call: +44 (0) 207 193 8024 or Skype Me™!

Software localisation
Software localisation
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