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Quality loop

The basic criteria for our professional approach in providing these services focus on:

●  Ensuring high quality translations
●  Complying with international standards
●  Meeting translation deadlines
●  And guaranteeing fast turnarounds.

The team performs in-house quality control using a step-up, person-to-person tiered workflow model.

Tier I – A Translator translates the text and rereads the finished text, making corrections.
Tier II – A Proofreader – corrects overlooked spelling, style and/other errors.
Tier III – A Technical Editor – edits for meaning and consistency, fine tuning for accurate terminology.
Tier IV – Literary editor – copyedits for smoothness in the native language. Not all translations require four tiers. Less complex documents need only three.

The main factor that sets apart from other agencies is its comprehensive approach to solving targeted problems. By having at least three pairs of eyes go over a text, it becomes increasingly polished. And as each customer is different and we approach each one individually. One size does not fit everyone.

Translation project managers have geographically relevant knowledge. When we receive a translation request and you send us your text, our project managers will assign it to a translator. You may request a sample for approval. If this sample does not suit your requirements, will give you three to five additional samples free of charge. You may then choose which translation is best suited to your needs and allows us to assign the translation based on your selection. Once has developed a working relationship with a customer, it then knows the type of translation that customer is seeking. That’s why we use a translator-customer matching scheme that will provide consistent, accurate translations to you over time.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.

John Ruskin

Quality loop
Quality loop
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