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News approves new client loyalty code

PR Holding Ltd., 27 June 2014

The translation agency has approved a new client loyalty code that is now compulsory for all of its employees, both in the UK and abroad.

The client loyalty working group came up with the idea of the code after examining detailed market research by the Marketing Research Centre (MRC) in all countries where the code now applies. Particular attention was paid to the quality of our translation services.

The research showed that the quality of translations by leading service providers is broadly in line with prices charged, meaning that most customers get exactly what they pay for. But, crucially, customer service quality can vary widely from one provider to another. It is this that sets a translation agency apart, and this is why has invested major capital and human resources in this area.

The new “Client Loyalty Code” will be the most important internal document affecting all our translation staff. It has a fundamental role to play in strengthening corporate loyalty, and this must be taken into account at all times. The code is aimed at strengthening business loyalty, and outlines the ground rules which the employees will have to take into account in all aspects of customer care in the future, to maximise client satisfaction.

One widely held view is that discount cards, popular as a retail marketing tool, guarantee customer loyalty. In contrast, bases its business loyalty model on strategic management, involving capital investments and human resources to increase client satisfaction beyond expectations. The “client service quality model” that we use consistently ensures outstanding results, and evaluation depends directly on a coefficient that encompasses client satisfaction (received/expected).

Board member Kristine Punenova says: “We know that if the client’s final experience exceeds initial expectations, then of course they will probably be very satisfied. Some clients may even be very satisfied with an average translation quality if customer service is excellent, but only if their expectations were low to begin with does it give significant added value. Dissatisfaction among clients, however, can be caused by complications in the provision of the service itself, or the customer service, because these clients still think that the quality of the product or service is good. Likewise, even a great quality translation is worthless if it is done with poor customer service. Good customer care is vital to client retention.”

“At we are not about discount cards, or seeking customers who only want the lowest possible price, so-called bottom-fishing, but about adding value and giving the best possible quality of translation with the best possible customer care to maximise satisfaction with our work. We believe this is the best way to get the results everyone wants.” Most commonly, however, the coefficient for satisfying client expectations is at its lowest when the price of a good quality product or service is too high, with the transaction offering little added value.

“To avoid this, we always try to ensure a high level of added value to our services, and increase the level of client satisfaction,” adds Punenova. “The loyalty code brings together the main principles of our service provision. Our employees must always work to these principles to increase the satisfaction coefficient. That is why it was so important to enshrine the code in an official document – one that is now mandatory for all members of our international team.”

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