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Excellent translations for international success, 17th March 2008

Are you expanding your business and looking for new markets for your products and services? Do you want to attract financing and new partners? To achieve this, you will need to find contacts abroad.

First impressions are known to be critical in building solid business relationships. That’s why properly presented and well translated texts are crucial for establishing successful business contacts. Preparing flawless proposals and offers without grammatical errors will give potential clients and partners a positive impression of you and your company. Information delivered to them in their native language will help you to stand above – and stand out from - the competition.

Investing in good translation and well-written presentations today may soon bring you benefits in the form of new contacts and working partners. A good translation successfully bridges gaps between two cultures.

We guarantee that your text will be reviewed by a proof reader and by an expert in the field who is a native speaker of the target language. Two or more translators can work on your text simultaneously and then be reviewed. This means that translation from any language will be done much faster with better quality, including texts with complex terminology.

●  We can help you communicate effectively in more than one hundred languages spoken around the world.
●  We provide translation services 24/7, 365 days a year.
●  We provide translation services in the United Kingdom and abroad.

We will give you an individual quote for the cost of our services. Prices are calculated based on the word count in the source language, the complexity of the text and the agreed due date of the translation.

We guarantee confidentiality for all our services. Work product content will not be disclosed to third parties without your express prior permission.

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